Doosan VCF 5500L

The Doosan VCF 5500 is a moving-column vertical machining center optimized for the processing of both small and medium-sized automobile parts and long and narrow workpieces.

The VCF 5500 can perform high-precision operations for prolonged periods thanks to the adoption of a direct-coupled spindle with a maximum speed of 12000 r/min which ensure precise machining while generating the least amount of vibration and noise.

The VCF 5500 furthermore offers increased rigidity due to the application of roller LM guideways to all axes, while the X-axis is equipped with a linear scale as a standard feature to optimize positioning accuracy.

The machine is also equipped with a high-quality ATC to bolster the reliability of tool change, while machining productivity has been boosted significantly by the adoption of a magazine with a capacity of up to 30 tools.

For customers who need tools with a large diameter or length, a pickup magazine capable of accommodating diverse machining requirements is offered as an optional feature.

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Varianter och specifikationer

Maskin Chuck Stångdiameter Spindlelhastighet Max svarvdiameter Max svarvlängd Specialfunktioner
Doosan VCF 5500L - - 12000 RPM - - Long bed
Doosan VCF 5500UL - - 12000 RPM - - Ultra long bed

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