Doosan VC 630/5AX

The Doosan VC630 offers 5 axes of high precision and simultaneous machining to make quick work of your most complex workpieces.

The more complex the part, the more tools are required to get the job done right, and the VC630-5AX gives you 81 tools out of the box but offers options of up to 121 tools.

The VC 630-5AX also has a built-in 12000 rpm spindle that is supported by high precision ceramic bearings and monitored by a thermal sensor for micron level accuracy. Combined with a standard BIG-PLUS taper, you get more rigidity, less vibration and cuts you can rely on.

If you want to multiply the productivity you get from your VC 630-5AX, a pallet changer version is available. It is a configuration that will do absolute wonders for your bottom line and double your productivity.

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Varianter och specifikationer

Maskin X-axel arbetslängd Y-axel arbetslängd Z-axel arbetslängd Spindlelhastighet Spindelkona Specialfunktioner
Doosan VC 630/5AX 650 mm 765 mm - 12000 RPM ISO 40 -

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Green Machining

Green Machining är ett återköpskoncept, där vi erbjuder dig att köpa tillbaka en Doosan-maskin, om den har köpts från oss. Vi återställer den sedan och ger den ett nytt liv med en ny kund.

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